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Exhibition Stand: Custom or Modular?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

How to choose the correct stand option for your upcoming exhibition?


Custom Stand: Pros & Cons



Highly adaptable to the presenter's needs.

Cost (more expensive there pre-fab)

Can be collapsed and stored for future use.

​Can't be self-built

Unique design can attract more attention.

Usually requires more time to design

Pre-Fabricated Stand: Pros & Cons



Good for "​trying out" a marketing approach

​Limited ability to integrate & install client's products in the structure.

Cost effective for smaller spaces

Risk of NOT standing-out in the hall

Requires only graphics

Un-Branded architecture


Pre-Fabs (sometimes referred as "modular stands") are a great solution for first-time exhibitioners who are unwilling to commit a big chunk of their marketing / sales budget.

It is also a good choice when the rented space at the expo is small (less then 400 sq.ft in the US or 18sqm in Europe); Or when the allocated area the a specific trade show is different in space or shape then usual.

Custom build Stands are more impressive and Stand Out in the halls. They can be designed according to the company's theme or to accentuate a product's trade.

They are more costly then Pre-Fabs, especially for the 1st built, but can be stored and re-used for future shows, thus reducing the long-term cost.

Here are some examples of our custom-build stands.



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