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Exhibitions & Trade show Custom-Made Stands

We are an AWARD-WINNING Stand / Booth design studio, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, offering 360 turnkey solutions for Global Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Our Clients range from small start-ups, ready and eager to exhibit they services or solutions in tech expos, to larger companies which use the trade fairs as a marketing, selling and meeting hub for their clients and reps around the globe.

What is a 360 turnkey service?
Once we get the brief and budget, our clients can rest assured we've got them covered:

  • We gather info about brand, goals & venue

  • Draw and Render designs for the stand

  • Create graphics

  • Draw technical plans

  • Make sure all regulatory requirements are met

  • Handle various logistics

  • Manufacture the structure in a nearby facility

  • Build / Fabricate the stand at the hall - by licensed builders and according to each country regulations and working laws

  • Provide services for your exhibition (opening / closing events, catering, manpower, giveaways)

  • Dismantle to stand and store it for future use

The recent 2020 pandemic made us think about who we are: Exhibitom is a boutique, friendly firm.
We are a Small enough to know each client personally, yet Large enough to have a supply chain we can rely upon and not over-burden (as we all learned).


Our Projects:

Custom-made stands, displays & booths for professional conference, trade fairs and exhibitions.

In the US we have a minimum of 400sq.ft. space per stand*

Across Europe, Far East and UAE a minimum of 12sqm space per stand.

Wherever to exhibit takes place, we personally supervise the construction of the stand to match the approved 3D renders. 

Our structures look as good as - if not better - than previs.

Interior Design Studio

Interior Design, for us, is a win-win opportunity:

A) It allows our designers to develop ideas over longer periods of time, do research, get an "earthly" vibe which sometimes lacks in the fast-paced expo world.

B)  Every designer loves to see their how their creation makes a difference over people's lives. Making the perfect home for a family is the best reward one can hope for.

Commercial Projects:

  • Office Space

  • Wellness & Fitness

  • Retail shops

  • Coffee houses

Residential Projects:

We DON'T only do Luxury! True, building or refurbishing a house has its costs. But we're also looking into a project's potential & what personal connection is established with the client.

  • Tower apartment (50 sqm)

  • Bauhaus apartment (70 sqm)

  • Seaside apartment (110 sqm)

  • TLV Luxury apartment (120 sqm)

  • Neve Tzedek Duplex (200 sqm)

  • Pool Villa (310 sqm)


Our Interior Projects are an important part of the studio, but we choose them carefully.

Our firm has developed its aesthetic language & work ethics and we thrive to match clients who understand and respect both. The projects we do take on are a journey we take with our clients: They have their ups & downs but eventually the goal is reached. Together

Tom Shakked
Owner, Manager & Head of Creative @ Exhibitom

Tom is a multipurpose professional designer, educated in Florence, London and Israel. He has extensive knowledge and international experience in Interior Design, Product Design and Production of various structures for commercial trade shows. As a Designer, Project Manager and Studio Manager.

In 2015, after five years in the role of Int'l Design Project Manager, Tom partnered with Albert Escola to start their studio: "esai". In 2020 Tom established his own "Exhibitom".

Tom is multilingual (Fluent in Hebrew, English, Italian, German and Spanish), enjoys playing tennis (loves Roger Federer) and spent his 20s working at a vineyard in Sonoma County, CA before embarking to study art & design.

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