How to Choose a Stand Designer ?

Updated: Oct 2

Make sure you choose a designer that provides the type of service you need.


At Exhibitom we provide a "turn-key" solution for our clients. We are the single point of contact for everything and anything relating to the expo stand, and thus make sure that our design will eventually be built, on site, per our highest standards.

Which services does a stand design company provide?

  1. Create a design that meets marketing goals and fits the company's brand.

  2. Ensure the design speaks your language and delivers the same message. 

  3. Assist in budget planning 

  4. Produce cost-effective design concept adjusted to US fabrication technologies and local state regulations.

  5. Handle logistics and local transportation

  6. Work with show management to obtain required design approval.

  7. Provide local fabrication by professional, skilled, licensed builders.

  8. Assist in finalizing all technical services orders for you booth.

  9. Supervise fabrication process including onsite installation. 

  10. Provide Installation and dismantling crew. 

  11. Handle dismantling and storage for your next trade show in the continental US.


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