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Booth Design, Construction & Production

Creative Design

High End Construction

Complete 360 Service

our mission is to provide high-end, turnkey design & production solutions for exhibitors in expo events and conferences.
We operate across all major European cities. 
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Create unique exhibition booth that tells your brand story and fulfill your marketing goals.


Dive into your company's marketing assets to ensure our design will speak your language and deliver the same message. 

Make use of ecological, re-usable materials where possible.


Assist in budget planning 

Produce cost-effective design concept adjusted to each country regulations and work methods.

Handle logistics and local transportation

Work with show management to obtain required design approval

Local fabrication by professional, skilled, licensed builders.


Deliver a turn-key project.

Assist in finalizing all technical services orders for you booth.

Supervise fabrication process including onsite installation. 

Provide Installation and dismantling crew. 

Handle dismantling and storage for your next trade show in Europe.


Save time ! Fill the form and receive 
our unique design proposal

Sounds too good? Here's what some of our clients Say:

GERMANY Berlin Cologne Dusseldorf Frankfurt ENGLAND London SPAIN Madrid Barcelona NETHERLANDS Amsterdam USA Chicago Miami Newport San Francisco Las Vegas MEXICO Mx City PERU Lima BRAZIL Sao Paulo CHINA Shanghai SOUTH KOREA Seoul INDIA Delhi SINGAPORE Singapore UAE Dubai ISRAEL Tel Aviv Jerusalem
ad-tech, agriculture, cyber, defense, fin-tech, food-tech. gaming, medical, smart mobility and more 
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