We Create Expo & Trade Fair Stands

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Exhibitom will
consult, design, build,
& manage logistics
for the expo stand.

Our mission is to produce the perfect stand for our client (and the planet)

  1. create brand-driven design concepts 

  2. integrate as many of the client's products into the design scheme

  3. draw the best layout to bring traffic into the stand

  4. employ professional, skilled builders in each location

  5. make use of ecological, re-usable materials where possible

  6. take care of the littlest of details throughout the buildup

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from London to Mexico City, we show-up to create the best stand for your brand


Knowledge Hub

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get to know us and services we offer to assist your expo experience

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Our Israeli-based designers and project managers are led by Tom Shakked. With over 20 years of experience in the EXPO & Trade Fair business, Tom and his team are dedicated to create a hustle-free experience for our clients - the expo presenters.

We maintain trusted partners and suppliers across major expo locations and offer wide range of on-site logistical services that can accommodate (almost) any request.

EXHIBITOM employs and operates by local rules and guidelines at each country.

ad-tech, agriculture, cyber, defense, fin-tech, food-tech. gaming, medical, mobility and more 
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