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About Exhibitom

We specializes in Interior Design
and International Trade Shows (Expos) Design

We offer tailored turnkey solution:  From initial conception up to satisfactory completion of the project. 
Our Team has 25+ years of experience in design & project management across four continents, accompanied by a global network of reliable suppliers and collaborators.

We have designed residential spaces in pastoral neighborhoods as well as hi-rize towers, office spaces and varied commercial areas - from cafes to fitness halls and
retail shops.

At EXHIBITOM, we love design & believe creativity is boundless. 
Tom Shakked Interior Design Exhibition Design

Tom Shakked

Owner, Manager & Head of Creative @ Exhibitom
Tom is a multipurpose professional designer, educated in Florence, London and Israel. He has extensive knowledge and international experience in Interior Design, Product Design and Production of various structures for commercial trade shows. As a Designer, Project Manager and Studio Manager.

In 2015, after five years in the role of Int'l Design Project Manager, Tom partnered with Albert Escola to start their studio: "esai". In 2020 Tom established his own "Exhibitom".

Tom is multilingual (Fluent in Hebrew, English, Italian, German and Spanish), enjoys playing tennis (loves Roger Federer) and spent his 20s working at a vineyard in Sonoma County, CA before embarking to study art & design.

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